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 In meanwhile

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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Jan 25 2012, 17:29


Though I don't encourage people to move servers, but I do encourage people to try it out to keep their interests peeked.

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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Jan 25 2012, 17:30

I have 476 vp on moten Razz
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Jan 25 2012, 17:42

Evo9 wrote:

Oh well, too bad, I'm at 4.3.0 lol

Edit: Plus I read from the very molten forums that their Cata will be bugged as shit.
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Jan 25 2012, 17:45

Quote :
Client support: Any Cataclysm client (4.0.6a to 4.3.0)

If i get this rite, u can connect with any client, but patch will be 4.0.6a.
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Jan 25 2012, 18:40

on what realm Qwaria is playing?
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Jan 25 2012, 19:37

I don't remember if crysis was on neltharion or deathwing, one of those. Ye, playing cata sounds fun, I actually had a druid on retail for some time, but then my parents raged at me and stopped my supscription lol. For those that say cata ruined WoW, the lore, maybe, the playstyle? no, there was a lot of improvement on cata playstyle-wise. Pve content got hard, I mean relly hard, no more pugs, period (at least 4.0.6 was like that). The class changes are pretty solid too, the mana consumpion on healing made it pretty fun to heal, they made dps a lot more versatile and they shut down the problem of tanks getting completely carried by gear.
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Jan 25 2012, 21:22

Cities, etc are awesome, SW now is not compared to old WotLK' SW (that's just an example).
There's a lot more features in general. So yea, trying cata would be fun.

ATM playing pserver ._.
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Tue Feb 07 2012, 09:15

Yea Go to horde !!!! Razz im up for it Razz
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Tue Feb 07 2012, 10:46

Question, if i download the patch 4.0.6a and i want to come to Mwow i will have to get 3.3.5a again?
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Tue Feb 07 2012, 11:23

Yes, u must get 3.3.5a again >.<
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Feb 08 2012, 19:31

Bishies just 1 info: i played cata little than 2 months and i got that much bored...That much to stop playin wow for like 2 months (i was lazy to switch on wotlk) and btw i`m up for the horde have warr i think he is 36 lvl idk now Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Sat Feb 11 2012, 14:40

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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   Wed Feb 15 2012, 07:22

Sinhunter wrote:
Here's a better suggestion. Molten will have a Cataclysm realm in 1 week from now (not 100% sure but I think it's on the 1st of Feb).
So let's just level there?

Your idea is legit, but I don't like it cuz:

1. I've been playing WOTLK for more than 3 years. I've spent 1 year in Naxx, 6 months in Ulduar, 6 months in TOC and 1 year in ICC. I don't know when you guys started playing, but I'm sick and tired of the same shit and instead of re-doing everything on a different character, I'd rather just try something new.
2. Horde
3. Horde
4. If I wanna play a pally I have to be a Blood elf.
5. Horde

Also it splits the guild up... While 10-15 ppl are off lvling their whorde the rest of the guild will never have enough ppl to raid. Things are bad as it is, let's not make it worse.

I'm not planning of dedicating my full gaming time on Cataclysm, but I'd like to try something different and fun. I'm not saying I'm gonnah stop playing on Magic-wow, but I'll be playing less because as everyone said.. it's boring.
I know that WoTLK is a better expansion than Cata, BUT DAAAAAAAYMM.. 3 years of WoTLK is enough for me.... I wanna have holy power, Templar's verdict, archeology, guild leveling system just to name a few fun things about Cata.

So yea.. go to molten-wow website to find out the exact info about their CATA realm if you're interested. I'm already gonnah start playing there with Qwaria, Brant, Speed and a couple of other people. Anyone is welcome to join us!

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PostSubject: Re: In meanwhile   

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In meanwhile
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