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PostSubject: LFhelp   Sat Feb 23 2013, 12:13

As you see im trying to upgrade this forum and make it more useful. My mailbox is open for suggestions and i also have my own ideas, but i need some help from players to make it work.

1. Im looking for some players who would like to stream or record some graids, arenas or battlegrounds. It would be nice if we could post some vids.

2. If your ex Carpe Diem, Equilibrium or Aftermath player and ur playing on different server, and ur in a decent guild, id like to add little forum for that guild/server. BUT only if guild doesnt have its own forum, if there gonna be at leat 3 ppl who might use that forum. Also you should have higer rank than "member"

3. We have empty cata class guides, so if some1 could make some, it would be nice. But do not copy/paste it. We dont wanna be ninjas Razz
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