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 Regulus Nemea information

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Will you play on freakz, or you stay on magic?
Yes, I will join this guild on freakz
 71% [ 12 ]
No, I will stay on magic
 12% [ 2 ]
I wont play on any of these servers
 17% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 17


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PostSubject: Re: Regulus Nemea information   Sat Oct 12 2013, 21:07

Zwergs wife on skype told me. why?

Btw Freakz did start working on firelands. They r scripting Baleroc atm.
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PostSubject: Re: Regulus Nemea information   Thu Nov 21 2013, 15:28

Is this server worth it for casual play? I don't have that much time for games right now, but I may download the game (again) and play w/e I get some time for myself.
I hope there's still a bunch of you guys still playing there. I wouldn't like it if I was alone.
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PostSubject: Re: Regulus Nemea information   Thu Nov 21 2013, 17:35

freakz has quite a nice exp rate ull hit 85 very fast, within one day with power level, and yes a bunch of us are playing
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PostSubject: Re: Regulus Nemea information   

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Regulus Nemea information
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