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 Death Knight: PvE

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PostSubject: Death Knight: PvE   Death Knight: PvE Icon_minitimeWed Dec 21 2011, 22:54

Credits go to Qwaria

Quote :
Glyph of Blood Strike fixed, do not take it.
Improved Icy Talons are working again, hopefully for longer period of time now, so change your talent trees accordingly (If you are Frost, it's definitely worth to take it)

Death Knight - DPS guide

Ok, first of all, this is Magic-WoW, not retail. On retail, your DK would be described as:
- A viable tank for when shit hits the fan. Death Knights can swap to Frost Presence midcombat and tank if necessary, albeit not as good as they would in Tank gear (obviously).
- Death Knights are very potent in keeping themselves alive, not to mention they are wearing Plate. With the help of Death Strike and in Blood's case Rune Tap (which can be turned into an AoE group heal with a Rune Tap Major Glyph!) Death Knights will require very little healing if played right.

On Magic-WoW, we don’t do Deadmines, but Ulduar – meaning, if something happens to tank and you’ll try to pull the boss, you’ll die in less than a second. So NEVER try to tank, unless you are equipped and specced for it.
For the second part, I wonder what idiot would specc to Blood’s Rune Tap in PvE, which consumes blood rune – -1 Heart Strike / Blood Strike.

I won’t describe basic mechanics as Runic Power and Runes, because that is what they do on WoWWiki or w/e and it is only miracle, that it’s exactly the same here. I’ll try to describe things that are kind of harder to understand and / or are special to our “server”.

Only easy getting thing I am going to describe a little bit more, are Death Runes.

Death Runes

Death Runes are 4th type of Rune. It can be used as any other rune – Blood, Frost, Unholy. Once consumed, they’ll become, again, Blood, Frost or Unholy (depending which they were before you turned them on Death).
You can get Death Runes by spccing into Death Rune Mastery, Blood of the North or Reaping. When your DK uses any of those abilities (depending on talent (i.e. Obliterate / Death Strike), runes that these abilities use will regen in 10 seconds into Death Runes. Death Runes are used as last.
Freshly relogged DK has a rune bar like this: BBFFUU. If your DK is Blood, and will use Obliterate twice, then, after 10 seconds, their rune bar will look like this: BBDDDD. Now let’s say you’ll want to use Heart Strike. If you use Heart Strike, one of your Blood runes will be consumed. If you use it twice, then you’ll be left with only 4 Death Runes. Then, if you use Heart Strike again, it will consume one of your Death Runes. This is basically used to generate insane amount of burst. Blood strongest attack is Heart Strike that consumes Blood runes, so why to use Death Strike all the time? That is why, after using Obliterate / Death Strike, you’ll get Death Runes – using 6 Heart Strike in a row can be fun! You will get a grasp of this, once you’ll try it in the game on a dummy.
Also, you can get Death Rune by using of Blood Tap.

How to DPS as a Death Knight?:

    1. Don’t die
    2. Keep your diseases, Blood Plague, Frost Fever, up 100% of the time. They boost damage of your main abilities by 25%, or 40% (T8 4p bonus).
    3. Use your “the most DPS per rune” strike (Blood – Heart Strike, Frost – Obliterate, Unholy – Scourge Strike) whenever it is possible (Death Runes rotation – point 5)
    4. Spend your runic power before it hits its maximum of 100-130 RP. For frost, it’s Frost Strike, for other trees it’s Death Coil.
    5. Use your secondary attacks, to convert your runes to Death Runes. (Blood – Death Strike, Frost and Unholy – Blood Strike)
    6. Use your “long” CD abilities right before Heroism or at least during it. On some bosses, like General Vezax, you can use them on the beginning, because it will get back on CD, before Heroism (Blood – Dancing Rune Weapon, Frost – Unbreakable armor, Unholy – Summon Gargoyle). Also you can try to summon Ghoul.

Blood presence – 15% of damage done increase IS 15% of damage done increase. Use this in PvE!
Frost presence – For tanking only, never use this as a DPS.
Unholy presence – Not useful at all, except in PvP.

If you take things like Rune of the Fallen Crusader, Darkmoon Card: Greatness and Blessing of Kings in consideration, then apparently Strength holds the edge here by a lot. Nevertheless, AP is still the second best stat for DKs.

Hit rating The () numbers are for Virulence talent
“Never miss”
DW: 740 (672)
2h: 400 (333)

“Sane amount”
DW: 262 - 400 (195 – 333)
2h: 262 - 400 (195 – 333)

Obviously you can go above 333 or 400, but it won’t increase your DPS while 2h user and even as DWer, you won’t really notice DPS boost, compared to other stats.

Since almost everyone is saying that this stat is not working at all, there is no need to worry. Either way, here is the table, if it will start working, eventually:

Spec / Rating
Blood - 123
Frost - 172
Unholy - 172

Agility is the least useful stat. Although in combination with Attack Power and sockets on items like Loop of the Agile, it can make that item to be the best in slot.

Armor Penetration
Everyone on these servers say it’s useless. Well, it’s not useless. It’s quite good, but don’t gem for it. See charts for desired tree below.

Spell Power
None of DK spells are affected by this, don’t take it!

Chaotic Skyflare Diamond as a Meta gem
+20 strength gems to every single slot, except two, where you will put +10 Strength and +15 Stamina purple gem to one, and to second +10 to all stats (To match Meta Gem requirements)

2handers - Rune of the Fallen Crusader
DW - Rune of the Fallen Crusader + Rune of Cinderglacier

Hard to describe, but at least you can say, what would be the best / worst stat for each build

Trees of specializations

Blood Strike - BS
Death Coil - DC
Frost Strike - FS
Heart Strike - HS
Howling Blast - HB
Icy Touch - IT
Obliterate - Ob
Pestilence - P
Plague Strike - PS
Scourge Strike - SS

Talent specs
Dancing Rune Weapon
Unholy Blight
Frost subtree

PS > IT > HS > HS > DS > DS > HS > HS > HS > HS > HS > HS
Gaps fill in with DC

Talent speccs
Blood subtree
Unholy subtree
Without Howling Blast

PS > IT > BS > BS > Ob > Ob > Ob
Gaps fill in with FS

Frost rotation is a lot harder, then any other. You need to keep track of Frost Fever and refresh it AFTER it disappears, you need to watch procs of Killing machine and Cinderglacier for Frost Strike and also you need to watch random procs of Rime, which allows you to cast free Howling Blast - not to mention timing it with Cinderglacier and Killing machine

Talent specs
Blood subtree
Frost subtree

PS > IT > BS > BS > SS > SS > SS > P > BS > SS > SS > SS
Gaps fill in with DC

Unholy rotation might be slightly off, since Reaping works in a very slightly different way than Death Rune Mastery and Blood of the North.

Death Knight - Tanking guide

The most important thing as a DK tank is this macro:

Quote :
#Showtooltip ABILITY
/cast !Rune Strike

Macro every single ability that does not cost runic power like this... (BS, P, Ob, Ps, IT etc.)

DKs are different from warriors, druids and paladins, since all three trees can be used as tanking.

Blood is focused on self healing and high stamina
Frost on avoidance and physical mitigation
Unholy on spell damage mitigation (Since Magic Suppression isn’t working, there is no reason to become Unholy tank here)

Basically all you need to do is start with this tree and then pick talents in tree you want to focus on.

Frost, Blood, Unholy

There are many and many different builds and there are more options than in DPS builds. It is up to you which tree you pick and how will you specc....
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight: PvE   Death Knight: PvE Icon_minitimeTue Dec 27 2011, 04:12

as u mentioned in blood pve guide its a little same as well, but frost dk is much good than blood dk in pve (as i have seen in many raids)

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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight: PvE   Death Knight: PvE Icon_minitimeSun Jan 01 2012, 12:27

That guide s outdated a lot. Don t rly feel like fixing it tho, anyone else is welcomed to.
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight: PvE   Death Knight: PvE Icon_minitimeSun Jan 01 2012, 14:16

Links for talents r fucked
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight: PvE   Death Knight: PvE Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02 2012, 02:10

Dark its out dated, so u have a DK and if u know it well please updated this Qwaria post
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight: PvE   Death Knight: PvE Icon_minitime

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Death Knight: PvE
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