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 Assassination PvE Guide

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PostSubject: Assassination PvE Guide   Assassination PvE Guide Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10 2012, 15:48

Welcome to my official PvE Rogue Guide, demanded by many and now materialized.

Getting Started:

Your talent tree should look similar to this one [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] .

*Small notes:
- Your talent is based on raw damage;
- Your main advantage is your energy regen;
- You are dependent on your poisons;
- Greater your attack speed, greater your DPS (debatable).


Your glyphs should be, Glyph of Mutilate, Glyph of Tricks of the Trade, Glyph of Hunger of Blood.

- Glyph of Mutilate reduces the energy cost of your mutilate;
- Both Glyph of Tricks of The Trade and Hunger of Blood modify your damage (% wise), therefore affecting your overall strikes and poisons.


Depending on your stat combination you can use either a 1.80/1.40 or 1.40/1.80 or 1.80/1.80. The weapon issue is debatable, but a must have is this following weapon, Heartpierce.

- As I said above, you need to test your DPS with every weapon combination in order to see which one of these combinations brings your outer DPS edge.


Normally, I would recommend double Berserking, due to a bug though, they do not stack. (A higher chance of proccing is entirely possible but really not worth it).
- I would personally recommend Black Magic + Berserking, this is the best enchant combination to this date on Magic WoW.


- Stat wise, attack power and haste of course in a certain combination, not too much haste nor attack power.

- Haste brings out faster weapon strikes, therefore faster poison application which brings improved DPS.
- Even though you stack a lot of haste, remember the more haste you have the less benefit you will have from it. (Your haste number (stat) will be converted % to your attack speed, with this said the difference between 1100 haste and 1200 haste isn't that much).


Typical Gem combination: Meta (+21 agi, +3% crit bonus), Red (20AP+10Haste), Yellow(20AP+10Haste) Blue (20 Haste).

**Edit for this forum: I cannot make an URL with a label so I had to write it down like this.

- Depending on how much haste or attack power you have, these gems can be changed to your particular preference.
- You can use a raw gem setup, for example a +40 attack power red gem + +20 Haste Yellow gem, the benefit is identical.


Your weapon set up should be like this:
(1.80/1.40) - (Instant Poison / Deadly Poison) and vice versa;
(1.80/1.80) - (Deadly Poison / Instant Poison).


These are the following professions you should take consideration as they give maximum potential:
- Leatherworking, Tailoring, Engineering & Jewelcrafting, Inscription.
Less potential: Enchanting.

Why these four and not enchanting? Leatherworking gives 110 Attack Power boost on your wrists, Tailoring 400 Attack power on your cloak, JewelCrafting 3 unique gems and Inscription 120 attack power Power and 15 critical strike rating and engineering the 340 haste glove enchant.

Enchanting only offers two ring enchants for 24 attack power each.

*Small note:
- You should choose two of these professions based on your current stats. Typical example: "I have 950 haste but I somehow feel that my attack power is low, then Leatherworking and Tailoring are the two I need".

During a raid:

Due to your tenacity, you are less likely to die, therefore:

1. Use cloak of shadows when in peril;
2. Use evasion in case of minion combat or other similar issues;
3. Use sprint in case you need to kite (example: your tank died, you have the aggro of the boss but your healer has 3 more seconds left until his combat resurrection, you sprint and start kitting until your tank is revived).

Your main objective is not to be standing in one position and DPSing , there are still raid members that need your help during an encounter, therefore apply tactics based on the boss you are facing and due to your speed and tenacity you are most likely to be there first on aiding your raid member.

If you are a newbie in our guild raids, then listen to the tactics, ask the raid leader to repeat again if you did not understand, best to repeat the tactic 5 times other than wiping 5 times.

Maximizing your DPS:

Most rogues consider that Mutilate is their main damage output, WRONG. Mutilate is only your combo generating move and your poison applier.
These are your main DPS burst outputs:

1. Melee Strikes;
2. Instant Poison;
3. Deadly Poison;
4. Envenom;
5. Mutilate.

Not that it's monotonous, but your haste brings out faster melee strikes therefore faster poison application. Now knowing this issue, you do realize the importance of Slice and Dice.

Typical opener during a raid encounter:

Garrote -> Hunger of Blood -> Mutilate -> Slice and Dice -> Mutilate until 4 or 5 combo points -> Envenom.
Remember to refresh Hunger of Blood.


Tricks of the trade:

/cast [target=NAME] Tricks of The Trade
/raid Used tricks of the trade.

Focus Kick:

/cast [target=focus] Kick

Focus Blind:

/cast [target=focus] Blind

Set focus

/raid Focusing on %t

*Small notes:

- Your tricks of trade macro is a must, due to the damage benefit and threat benefit for both you and your tank, use it whenever it's up.
- The other macros are aimed towards adds or other type of encounters that require you to use your crowd control abilities.


- Practice makes perfect, your a unique rogue and unique combination to have a maximum dps potential.
- You will never have a constant DPS. It's based on your raid setup, a raid group with a frost death knight will have a higher benefit on you rather than a fire mage.

That's about it, hope I gave out some clear tips and hopefully you like it. Good luck in your raids.

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PostSubject: Re: Assassination PvE Guide   Assassination PvE Guide Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10 2012, 15:54

If you like it, I can post my other 2 Assassination PvP and Sub PvP guides.
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PostSubject: Re: Assassination PvE Guide   Assassination PvE Guide Icon_minitimeSat Feb 11 2012, 02:33

Sure np
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PostSubject: Re: Assassination PvE Guide   Assassination PvE Guide Icon_minitimeSat Feb 11 2012, 19:37

Glad to see u are back, come to AT with me imo. mw sux
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PostSubject: Re: Assassination PvE Guide   Assassination PvE Guide Icon_minitime

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Assassination PvE Guide
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