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 PvE Assassination Rogue Guide

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PostSubject: PvE Assassination Rogue Guide   PvE Assassination Rogue Guide Icon_minitimeWed Dec 21 2011, 23:00

Credits go to Philosofi

1. Intro
2. Spec
3. Gear
4. Rotation
5. Professions

1. Introduction
Assassination really has not changed that much over the course of wotlk because the shear flexibility and great damage output this spec provides along with excellent energy regeneration.

2. The Spec
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You will have 2 points left over that could go in Opportunity or Relentless Strikes but i strongly recommend Relentless Strikes.
You can opt for an Rupture spec by taking out those 2 points out of Quick Recovery.But the dps is roughly the same.

Glyphs: Mutilate,Hunger for Blood,Slice and Dice
3. Gear

As For gear you want to have your hit capped .The main stat for Assasination is Attack Power .Why not agility ? Agility does give a nice Crit addition but its not worth sacrificing 20 Attack Power /Gem

Stat- Hierarchy - Attack Power >Haste=Critical >Agility

So, stacks all Ap gems xD

Enchants :

Head- Arcanum of Torment(Ebon Blade Reputation)

Shoulders-Greater Inscription of the Axe (Sons of Hodir)

Cloak-Enchant Cloak - Major Agility

Chest-Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats

Bracers-Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault

Hands-Enchant Gloves - Crusher or Enchant Gloves - Major Agility

Legs-Icescale Leg Armor

Boots-Enchant Boots - Greater Assault

Rings(If you happen to have enchanting)-40 ap

Weapons-I would recommend a Berserking+Moongoose

4. Rotation

The rotation is pretty straight forward .
Mut-Mutilate SnD-Slice and Dice EV-Envenom HFB-Hunger for Blood
There are 2 scenarios that might happen

Garrote->HFB->Mut(lets assume it crits) *4 combo points * Note: Here it's not worth doing another Mutilate because it gives 2 combo points by default so you waste 1 point.


Garrote->HFB->Mut(here it doesn't crit) *3 combo points* .Here you need to do an additional Mutilate because its not worht it on 3 combo points.On the next Mutilate you make you will have 5 points guaranteed after witch you Envenom.
5. Professions

You want to keep HFB always up and SnD will refresh when you Envenom.

The best Profession for all classes or role is always Jewelcrafting.The next best Profession is Leatherworking for the nice 130+ ap on the Bracers.

Poisons-Main Hand-Instant
Off Hand- Deadly Poison

If you got any questions regarding Rogue ask below i couldn't think if any more stuff to write in here .

Combat Spec Guide Coming Soon
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PvE Assassination Rogue Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: PvE Assassination Rogue Guide   PvE Assassination Rogue Guide Icon_minitimeTue Dec 27 2011, 04:00

if ur assassination rogue then must stack +20Ap+10haste gems instead of all +20 haste gems coz u need some AP as well to do much more dps and yea get 2p of T10 as well

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PvE Assassination Rogue Guide
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