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 PvE Blood Death Knight

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PostSubject: PvE Blood Death Knight   PvE Blood Death Knight Icon_minitimeWed Dec 21 2011, 23:17

Credits go to Girlhealz

So here we go.


Ok guys,this simple guide,I hope,will introduce you with the Blood dps Dk. You will learn how to use abilities and spells easily. It's not that hard.


So this talent build is atm the best on Mwow:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This talent build implies next talents:

Blood tree:

Butchery=2/2 This talents isn't much important but that Runic Power(2) which generates per 5 seconds can be pretty useful in long encounters.

Subversion=3/3 It's pretty obvious why,increases the critical chance of your Heart Strike,Obliterate,Scourge Strike by 9% and reduces your threat in your DPS presence by 25%(You won't having problems with your aggro).

Bladed Armor=5/5 Pretty obvious why,your Attack Power is increased by your armor,so less leather items.
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization=2/2 Your damage by 2h is increased.

Scent of Blood=1/3 I'm using this,it's not that important which talent you will chose beacuse you will need 1 talent point to fulfil Blood tree so you can Blood Gorged.Also you can use improved Blood Presence,it depends on your playstyle,I prefer Scent Of Blood.
Dark Conviction=5/5Obvious,5% Critical chance.

Death Rune Mastery=3/3 One of your most important talents.Without it your DPS will decrease roughly by 2k,so think about it. This talent allows you to whenever you hit with Death Strike you gain two free Heart Strike,which I'll explain later on.

Bloody Strikes=3/3 Increases your damage dealt by your Heart Strikes,which is your main attack.

Veteran Of The Third War=3/3 Increases your Strength by 6%.

Bloody Vengeance=3/3 So increases your damage dealt by all spells and abilities by 3% when you critically hit stacking up to 3 times,so that's 9% increased damage.

Abomination's Might=2/2 Increases your Strength by 2% and gives your raid 10% attack power.

Bloodworms=3/3 Many peoples say that they fail,I don't,in fact they are really useful in long encounters,they do fine dps add.

Hysteria=1/1 Increases your physical damage by 20%,your most abilities are physical so you are nice target for Hysteria. Note here that you can throw someone other this spell,feral druids are the most effective with this ability as their attacks are all physical.

Improved Death Strike=2/2 Increases damage dealt by 30% and critical chance of your 2nd most important attack.

Sudden Doom=3/3 Your Heart Strike has a chance to send free Deah Coil at your target which is pretty good for your DPS. Death Coil can do solid amount of damage.

Heart Strike=1/1Main damaging attack. It is A MUST if you want to be good Blood Dk.

Might of Mograine=3/3 Increases the critical chance of your Death Strike and Heart Strike by 45%,it's pretty awesome.

Blood Gorged=5/5 It gives 10% more damage when you are below 75% of your health,sadly that doesn't happen here on Mwow,the damage is same when you are 100% health and like 5% health. The other use of this talent is that it gives passive 10% Armor Penetration,which is pretty good.

Dancing Rune Weapon=1/1 It's fixed now.Take it instead of Unholy Blight. This talent summons a blade that will do same attacks as you do but with 50% of the damage dealt by your attacks.

Unholy tree:

Vicious Strikes=2/2 Increases the critical chance of your Plague Strike by 6% and critical damage bonus by 30%. It's pretty good.

Virulence=3/3 Increases your chance to hit with your spells by 3% and reduces the chance your diseases will be cured by 30%.

Epidemic=2/2 Increases your time of the diseases(Blood Plague and Frost Fever)on your target by 6 seconds. This is important talent,it allows you to do two extra Heart Strikes in 6 seconds. This talent is pretty bad if you have Glyph of Diseases(Major) beacuse with this glyph your pestilence refreshes your diseases on the target,but I am not using this glyph as I'm Losing x1 Heart Strike.

Ravenous Dead=3/3 Increases your Strength by 3% and contribution your Ghouls get from Strength and Stamina by 60%. Your gholus are fine dps add,use them.

Morbidity=3/3 Increases the damage of your Death Coil by 15%. It's pretty good.

Necrosis=5/5 Your auto-attacks deal 20% more Shadow damage,which is awesome.

Blood-Caked Blade=2/3 Your auto-attacks have a 20% to cause a Blood-Caked Strike which deals 25% weapon damage plus 12,5% each of your diseases. Personally I don't like this talent,it proc very low and the damage is low too.


Major Glpyhs- Glyph of Dark Death,Glyph of Death Strike,Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon.

Minor Glyphs- Glyph of Horn of Winter,Glyph of Blood Tap,3rd one is random,its not that important.

Stats priorities-

Ok first of all it is going like this,I'll list the stats from most to least important stat(on Mwow):

Hit cap>Strength=Armor Penetration>Critical Chance>Haste>Agility>Spell Power=Expertize.

Hit cap-

Ok,for all melees hit cap is 8%. Dk-s get 3% from Virulence,so we need 5% hit to satisfy hit cap. These numbers I did NOT originally created,I took it from Qwaria guide back in Cd times. The () numbers are for the Virulence talent.

“Never miss”
2h: 400 (333)

“Sane amount”
2h: 262 - 400 (195 – 333)

Strength vs Armor Penetration

Ok many people telling that Armor Penetration is shit for Blood DK,I don't,in fact if you could reach 90% ArP(You don't need 100% beacuse you have Blood Gorged)with your gear and gems,the Armor Penetration is way too much better that Str. If you can't get over 75% Arp with your gear and gems,don't go for Arp,Str in this case is way too much better.

Critical Chance- Ok about 30-40% critical chance is enough for a Blood Dk,why? It is beacuse of our talents like Subversion,Might of Mograine,Dark Conviction,etc. With all of those talents you should Crit almost every time.

Haste- It's not that useful stat for Blood Dk-s. About 3,5 seconds per melee swing is enough.

Spell Power and Expertize- Spell Power affects your Death Coil which is a spell but it's only like 5-10% of your DPS so don't gem for Spell Power. Expertize don't work on Mwow,it should be 0.


I think that Bs and Jc are most effective for a Dk,it gives you 2 free slot for gems(Bs) and x3 34 Armor Penetration/Strength gems.


As I mentioned above Gem Strength(when you can't get above 75% Armor Penetration whit gear and gems) and Armor Penetration(When you can get above 75% Arp) in every single slot except in two spots where you will put 10 Strength/15 Stamina and 10+ for all of your stats to satisfy meta gem requirements.


DUMP- Death Coils(as many as u can)
Death Strike- DS
Death Coil - DC
Frost Strike - FS
Heart Strike - HS
Howling Blast - HB
Icy Touch - IT
Pestilence - P
Plague Strike- PS
Death and Decay- DaD
Blood Boil-BB

Single Target:

1st part:IT>PS>HS>HS>DS>DUMP

2nd part:DS>HS>HS>HS>HS>DUMP

All over again than.

AoE: Blood Dk-s are less effective at Aoe but heres the "rotation"(There are not real rotation for Aoe,just spam your Aoe abilities). Note here you will use Glyph of Pestilence(Major) so you can refresh your diseases at your Aoe targets.

1st part:IT>PS>P>DaD>BB>DUMP
2nd part:Ds>BB>BB>HS>HS

All over again than.


First of all you must reach the Hit Cap with your gear,than go for the Critical Chance and Armor Penetration,simple,nuf said. Note here that you should wear less leather items(1 or 2) IE Toskk's Maximized Wristguards from Deathbringer Saurfang 25 nm or hc.

Links for further reading/resources-

I can't find any resources beacuse Elitist Jerks guides are updated to Cata,and I personally created this guide,my own acording to this server.


Well there are no important addons,maybe CLC Dk and Dk warnings to make your dps easier,to keep your diseases all the time and be sure your Horn of Winter is active.

And use some type of raid frames,it's important.

Guys I think I helped with this,It took me long time to make this guide. Cya ingame. /cheers Wink
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PostSubject: Re: PvE Blood Death Knight   PvE Blood Death Knight Icon_minitimeTue Dec 27 2011, 03:42

yea its true that arp blood dk is much better than str blood coz when it reaches over 75% arp, it will giv more dps than a str stacker

Night its for u trollface
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PvE Blood Death Knight
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